Bicycle Fitting Services

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Bicycle Fitting Services

1. Body Fitting
 = 1.5 hours in length. A body fitting can be done on a road bike or hybrid bike or mtn bike. In a body fitting we go through a complete interview. Then we do a series of tests to find out about strength, range of motion and flexibility and injury. We adjust seat fore and aft, seat height , handlebar height, and stem length.

. Cleat Fit = 1 hour in length. Cleat fits are done on existing bikes. Taking into account your specific needs we look at the alignment of the hips, knees, feet. We then use special tools to be able to understand your body’s alignment.

3. Transfer fitting.  Using the numbers that we so carefully found in your first fitting and transferring them to your second bike or new bike.  

All of our work is guaranteed.

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